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            LUXE PACK SHANGHAI 2020: 85% of the show already booked Gaining new contacts on this unique platform

            LUXE PACK SHANGHAI 2020:
            85% of the show already booked
            Gaining new contacts on this unique platform

            Press Release
            November 29th, 2019

            80% of the exhibition is already booked

            LUXE PACK SHANGHAI 2020 will bring together more than 200 packaging specialists, bringing unparalleled creative products and market insights to the industry with an even larger scale. The latest professional solutions and innovative products in primary and secondary packaging, such as bags, boxes, raw materials (paper, foam, plastics...), containers, labels, collars, ribbons, design…will be displayed.

            85% of the exhibition floor is already booked for the 2020 edition, with renewed presence of many faithful exhibitors such as Kurz Group, Foshan Huihong, Liangyuan Packaging, Chunjing Glass Products, International Design Packing, Cloud Beauty Innovation Hub, Lesu 3D Technology, Elcos, Xianrong Packing, Cyp, Ttth Paper, Sanjiang Packaging Manufacturer, Starlite Printers…and other industry-leading enterprises.

            And the show has so far attracted the active participation of many new exhibitors such as Envases Group, Take Off Xp, Bakic Packaging, Multi Packaging, Beeton Cos, Yunkai Display Technology, etc.

            A larger offer for brands, but still selecting carefully the manufacturers according to their know-how and high-end achievements.

            An efficient Alliance

            LUXE PACK SHANGHAI will share again the show platform with MakeUp in Shanghai, further exerting scale advantages and synergy effects.

            MakeUp in Shanghai is the only and unique B2B up event. The two shows integrate the global resources of both parties to provide visitors, a complete and synergistic visit. 

            Moreover, the independent seminar programmes of the two shows will be merged for the first time, focusing on innovations, packaging design, sustainability, luxury consumers’ trends, among other hot topics of the industry, relying on cutting-edge consultations and exclusive brands testimonies.
            The whole common programme will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks.

            On-site activities for additional business opportunities

            In addition to the contacts on the booth, special on-site activities, such as: LUXE PACK innovation wall, TURBO TALKS, LUXE PACK in green, etc. will help exhibitors explore business opportunities, enhance brand image, and provide ideal opportunities for gaining new contacts and networking.

            More than 5,000 key decision makers in perfumery, cosmetics, wines and spirits, food, fashion, tobacco and electronics etc…are expected at the show.

            Stay tuned for more information about LUXE PACK SHANGHAI via our website
            www.luxepack.com  and wechat (LUXE_PACK)

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            mlanteri@idice.mc  | Tel:00 377 97 77 85 60
            For Asia: Ivy NI | Email:
            ivy@adventi.com.cn  | Tel:021-51692006*887

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