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            Job Title: The lov46e still the girl phone sets family! Create fashionable phone
            Category: 全部類別
            Vacancy Amount: 0
            Salary: Negotiable
            Posting Time: 2013-09-17 10:44:02
            Job Requirements:

            Want to become different on your phone it? Love is still the little girl will definitely give your phone was particularly outstanding!! Loves is still girl is a professional engaged in the decoration industry of mobile phone sets!!! The Isotonix girl innovative!each short cycle will give you the feeling of catching! If you wanted to dress up your phone, then I recommend to you love is still the little girl, I'm sure that love is still Niu focus on - Apple Samsung mobile phones, mobile phone sets sets htcphone sets phone Protection Case microblogging skin decoration and dress up! love is still the little girl, lead the handset fashionable! the Isotonix Niu related address:

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