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            Job Title: shanghai 2-Aminofluorene manufacturer
            Category: 全部類別
            Vacancy Amount: 0
            Salary: Negotiable
            Posting Time: 2014-02-13 15:14:51
            Job Requirements:

            Product Specifications



            CAS No.:153-78-6

            Thermal Gravimetric Analysis:






            China best OLED Intermediates supply

            HanShangChem provides high quality chemicals from research scale to commercial scale quantities. We develop, produce and sell various Organic Optoelectronic Chemicals, especially for OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) and OPV (Organic Photo Voltaic) materials,Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Fine Chemicals and perform custom design and synthesis of chemicals and facilities. Our specialization in workshop auditing, purchasing, manufacturing, quality control guarantees first-class quality products; experiences in packing, transportation, customize service ensures in time safety delivery to appointed destination site, please give us a chance to know each other and further to be cooperation friends, we satisfy you with great surprise! Our electronic device grade of materials is verified by lots of customer in the worldwide period of long time. Besides of physic properties inspection for OQC /FQC assurance, we also aggressive to take more time to enhance our production flow design, synthesis approach design and process controlled. On the other hand, our sublimation process is unique on machine and material unloading design to guarantee quality with high performance and stability on OLED device.  


            contact us


            E-mail: sales@hanshangchem.com,abby@hanshangchem.com

            Tel :8 6-2 1-5 0 1 8 9 2 9 8 

            Phone :8 6-1 5 8 0 0 9 6 2 6 8 8 ,8 6-1 3 5 6 4 0 3 7 0 0 9 

            Fax :8 6-2 1-5 8 3 0 6 2 9 1 

            URL: www.hanshangchem.com 

            Contact: Mr.Hou 

            Office Address: Dongfang Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China 135, 502-506 room

            website: www.hanshangchem.com




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