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            Solar Street light
            2010-04-16 11:02:58

            Flip open our catalog and you will find solar panels rated from 5w-280w,such as mono-and poly-crystalline solar panel, PV modules.
            Solar Street light >> ADS-LED60W
            1) Solar panel:100w/36*2, monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon
            2) Battery: 12V/100AH*2, maintenance-free lead-acid
            3) Controller:24V 15A
            4) Light source: LED 60W,24V
            5) Operating temperature: -40℃~70℃
            6) Lamp pole: Hot galvanized steel with plastic-coated
            7) Pole height:8 meters
            8) Working time: 8 hours a day, normal illumination in 3-5 continuous
                cloudy or rainy days
            9) Wind resistance: 150km/h
            10) Range: Fitting for street and garden lighting
            11) Luminous flux:4000lm
            12) Center illumination:25lux
            13) Pole distance :30m
            Microcomputer control system:
            Intelligence charging control & battery protection functions (overcharge protection,
            overdischarge protection, reverse-connection prevention), photovoltaic control and timing control.
            Any interest, pls feel free to contact Ms.Sofillin
            Website: http://www. adsolarchina.com
            Email :sale3@adsolarchina.com
            Tel: +86-595-22285926

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