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            Automatic Liquid Powder Granules Pouch Packaging Machine Name:Automatic Liquid Powder Granules Pouch Packaging Machine
            Powder/Granule+Liquid/Paste 2 in 1 Packaging Machine Powder + Liquid Powder + Paste Granule + Liquid Granule + Paste Technical parameter Standard Closed sealer housing Intuitive operator guidance on the button/touch panel Integration of all identification systems Printed mark identification & measurement of bag lengths Use of different heat sealing and welding instruments Minimal time required when changing rolls Stop when film roll end. Detect the fault automatically. Seal tight, no leaking. Available option Stainless steel and Paint version Display panel: Touch screen and Button screen Date & batch printer Date embossing system Sponge system, more/less air inside the packet Easy tearing notch Round and euro-hole punch, carrying handle punch Insulation and stirring system Numerical control cutter system, 1-99 packet Flat bottom package with center seal Frequency control system, less noise Power supply: – 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V. – 50Hz, 60Hz. Model VFFS-280C+L/P VFFS-450C+L/P Film width Max 300mm,14” Max 420mm,18” Bag size L: 40-175mm,2-7” W:10-145mm,2-6” L:50-275/295mm,3-12” W:60-195mm,3-9” Output 30-70pcs/min 15-40 pcs/min Bag type Pillow seal 3 side seal 4 side seal gusset seal Pillow seal gusset seal Packing range C: 1-20g, 10-100g. L: 5-45ml,20-100ml,50-280ml C: 100-500g, 500-1000g. L: 5-45ml,20-100ml,50-280ml Dimension 1100x1250x1700mm 1200*1300*2000mm Power 2.2KW 2.8KW Weight 300kg 380kg
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